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My Story


My First Encounter With Erectile Dysfunction

My first encounter with erectile dysfunction was simply miserable. It was a complete shock. It felt like a betrayal. It inundated me with confusion. It turned my world upside down. From being brilliant and close to perfect, my life took a sharp turn downhill.

I had graduated from university a couple of years ago, was working at a prestigious (at least as far as I was concerned) financial firm in NYC, worked hard, made a good living, had good friends, and was very upbeat about life and the future. It was one of the first summer days of the year and the city was teaming with life. It was like a happy story from..


What On Earth Should I Do Now?

Here I was, in my 20’s and not able to function sexually. I had a problem. A big problem. And I had zero self-confidence at this point. I was lost. My bright outlook on life was shattered to pieces. I didn't want this. And it was not only erectile dysfunction that had hit me..


It Was Time For A Change

The pharmaceutical drugs had been working wonders for a long time. They enabled me to have sex. And given that I had no success in finding an actual solution to my problems, I was reluctantly OK popping a pill before having sex. But it had made me complacent about solving..


I Made It! I Found the Solution!

Probably the most important thing I learned from my 10-year long battle with sexual problems is that my body is a very, very complex and sophisticated system of countless number of parts. It is extremely delicate and sensitive, and it needs constant care, attention and maintenance..

News & Updates
79% Of Men With Diabetes Also Have Erectile Dysfunction
A research study (published in the Current Medicine Research and Practice) that was done on 275 men aged 18 to 65 has confirmed what we already know: That ED is very common in men with diabetes.

The study found that of the men with diabetes type 2, 79% had some degree of erectile dysfunction. In the control group that did not have diabetes, 46% had erectile dysfunction.

According to this study, diabetes type 2 almost doubles the chance of having ED.

Another interesting finding from this study was that the longer the men..
Gum Disease Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Researchers at the University of Granada in Spain, have found that men with the disease called gum disease, (also called as chronic periodontisis) are more than twice as likely (2.17 times) to suffer from erectile dysfunction than men without this disease.

The study was done on 158 men aged between..

Your Testosterone Level Is Determined By Where You Grew Up

At least partly..

A new study has found that men’s level of testosterone is substantially impacted by their environment during childhood.

The study found that boys who grew up in challenging and harsher conditions, where..

Do You Have ED? Be Smart And See A Heart Doctor

Although this is not news, I still wanted to post about this because yet another study has confirmed this:

If you have erectile dysfunction, you are significantly more likely to also get a heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular problems..

Is Folic Acid (Vitamin B6) The Cure For Erectile Dysfunction? 

Researchers from Sapienza Universita di Roma have published a study that reports that lack of vitamin B6 (folic acid) is highly correlated with erectile dysfunction. 
The research study proposed that folic acid is essential for what is called endothelial..

Can Eating Fish Increase Your Sex Drive?

The short answer is: It seems like it can!

A research study done at Harvard University, interviewed 501 couples who were trying to conceive and asked them to track their seafood consumption, dietary habits, and sexual activity. They followed the couples for a year, or until they got pregnant..

Poor Sleep = ED, Low Testosterone And Increased Risk Of Death

Research has again confirmed that poor sleep, as well as nocturia (waking up several times at night to urinate) has several negative health consequences.

3 new studies have confirmed the following:

A study on 7,700 men has demonstrated..

Do Half Of Brits In Their 30s Struggle With ED?

According to a survey done by Coop Pharmacy on 2,000 men, 50% of men in their 30’s reporting difficulties getting or maintaining an erection.

This number is significantly higher that what has been reported in other studies.

The study also found that 42% of men in their..

Psychological Counselling Can Help Men Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Although erectile dysfunction is often caused by causes such as being overweight, smoking, low testosterone or a poor diet, it can also be caused by psychological factors.

We human beings are complex systems, and to have a healthy body, mind and emotions..

Acupuncture + Herbs Can Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history of curing ailments and improving health. Also sexual health.

Research has now showed that acupuncture combined with herbal medicine has a synergistic therapeutic effect on erectile dysfunction, and can help men overcome this condition..