1 Hour Of Lost Sleep = 1.5% Less Testosterone

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Sleep is incredibly important for the body to function well. This is not news. Sleep is also super important for testosterone production. We knew that already as well.
But now a new research study has found that if you lose an hour of sleep, your testosterone level is likely to go down by about 1.5%.
Well, that is if you got less than 6.9 hours of sleep in total. If you sleep 6.9 hours or more, you are likely to produce a normal amount of testosterone during sleep.
The research study was performed by the University Of Miami and included 2,300 men.
The study also found that men with a larger body mass index or who had a large alcohol consumption also had lower testosterone levels than other men.
Testosterone is a hormone that is critical in order for men to function sexually. If you have inadequate levels of testosterone, it will most likely be difficult for you to have a normal sex life.
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