6 Foods that may ruin your sex drive

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Foods that may ruin sex drive

There are many foods out there that are proved in increase a man’s sex drive and to even help overcome erectile dysfunction. There are also foods that have the opposite effect. The following 6, when consumed in large quantities, are likely to have a negative effect on libido and overall sexual health

1. Soy-based Foods: Soy contains molecules that are very similar to estrogen, and which have very similar properties to those of estrogen. Lots of estrogen is not good for a man, as it will make his testosterone less effective, which may cause sexual problems.

2. Foods High in Saturated Fat: These kinds of fats can clog up your arteries and make it harder for blood to flow freely through your veins. Increased bloodflow is the number one cause of erectile dysfunction. These fats also often reduce testosterone levels.

3. Vegetable Oil: Oils also often contain lots of different kinds of fats, and similar to above, this can cause reduced bloodflow and impact testosterone levels.

4. Salt: A large salt intake can cause high blood pressure. This can again affect bloodflow and can cause erectile dysfunction.

5. Alcohol: Heavy drinking can cause your body to produce less testosterone and more estrogen. This may have a negative effect on libido and can cause erectile dysfunction.

6. Sugar: Sugar is often worse than fat. It can cause insulin resistance which makes it difficult for your cells to absorb glucose from your blood. Too much glucose in your blood can cause all kinds of damage, including reduced bloodflow, plaque build-up, increase in free radicals such as superoxide and more. None of which is good for sexual health.

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