79% Of Men With Diabetes Also Have Erectile Dysfunction

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

A research study (published in the Current Medicine Research and Practice) that was done on 275 men aged 18 to 65 has confirmed what we already know: That ED is very common in men with diabetes.
The study found that of the men with diabetes type 2, 79% had some degree of erectile dysfunction. In the control group that did not have diabetes, 46% had erectile dysfunction.
According to this study, diabetes type 2 almost doubles the chance of having ED.
Another interesting finding from this study was that the longer the men had diabetes, the more severe was the erectile dysfunction.
Diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction in several ways, but the most common are via neuropathy (damage to nerves), atherosclerosis and damage to blood vessels, decreased production of nitric oxide or reduced testosterone levels.
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