Americans Are Having Less Sex Now Than Before

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

americans Have Less Sex
Psychology professor Jean Twenge of San Diego State University and her colleagues, have through a research study come to the conclusion that Americans have less sex today than they did 25 years ago.
Their study saw a consistent drop in sexual activity across dimensions such as gender, race, religious beliefs, education, and employment. The decrease was largest in the married segment.


They found that Americans on average had sex 9 times less per year during the last four years compared to ’95-’99. Back then, couples had sex 62 times per year on average, and now Americans only have sex 53 times per year.
Why is this happening? The study did not give evidence for the reasons why but speculated it could have to do with more time spent on social media, lower happiness levels / more depression, and financial distress.
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