There Are Apps That Can Help Improve Your Sexlife

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

There are apps for just about anything.

Now there are also apps that can help you deal with sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and a low libido.

One app called Blueheart, takes you through an assessment, and then follows up with online and in-person therapy.

Another app called Lover, also first guides you through an assessment. Based on your answers, you will receive exercises and advice in the form of audios and videos.

There is also an app called Ferly, but it’s for women only.

Apps for erectile dysfunction

These apps can be of help to people that struggle sexually, and who want help and at the same time are ready for help.

Because as with all therapy and self-help, you need to apply yourself to see progress.

These apps may be of help for people who struggle with emotional issues related to sex. They can also help you improve your health to address physical problems, that are the underlying causes of for instance ED and libido problems.

In addition:

Many people are not comfortable seeking help from doctors and ‘people’. Therefore a service that is ‘impersonal’, can for many people be useful.

Bluehart is currently free, while the others have a basic version that is free, and more advanced versions at a cost.

Personally, I have not tried any of these extensively, but I do think that they could offer value to some people. So if you struggle sexually, why not at least try out a free version and see if you are able to make progress on your issues?

Truelibido is also aiming to help you with ED and libido problems. It’s just done in the form a website instead of an app.

If you are keen to try to overcome your ED and libido problems and want a free guide, you find it here.

And if you are interested in something more in-depth, then you can check out the 10-day online course that aims at helping you overcome your ED and libido problems in 10 day.

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