Heard Of Ashwagandha? Does It Work For Erectile Dysfunction?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

If you have done research on herbs that can help overcome erectile dysfunction and libido problems, you may have come across Ashwagandha.

It’s a commonly used herbal remedy. Not only is it popular today, but it has been (and still is) an important plant in Ayurvedic medicine, and it also been used for more than 6,000 years.

So what’s in this plant?

There are several active components in Ashwagandha, including alkaloids (isopelletierine, anaferine, cuseohygrine, anahygrine), steroidal lactones (withanolides, withaferins), saponins, sitoindosides and acylsterylglucosides.

Good luck pronouncing them all. 😊

Heard Of Ashwagandha? Does It Work For Erectile Dysfunction?

The plant is claimed to be an adaptogen, meaning a plant that works on restoring systems in your body that are out of balance (for instance endocrine system), without doing harm to other systems.

By the way, Ashwagandha means ‘horse smell’ in Sanskrit.

What makes it so useful? And what does it do?

Studies have shown it can reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia. It has been reported that this effect comes from a reduction in cortisol.

Research studies have also found it to increase muscle mass. This effect presumably comes from an increase in testosterone.

Other studies have shown that it can improve memory, performance and attention.

One study reported that it increased sperm count and motility, in addition to increasing testosterone.

Another research study demonstrated that it reduced inflammation, increased levels of infection-fighting immune cells, and that it worked as a potent antioxidant.

With its range of potential benefits, you may want to consider adding this plant to your diet.

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