Beat Erectile Dysfunction With Yoga?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Yoga Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Millions of men worldwide are struggling with erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that this is a condition that affects as many as 10% of all men or more. As men turn 50, erectile dysfunction can in many countries affect around half of all men. There are many causes of ED, and there are also many ways of improving it. One of them, which is probably unknown to most, is according to a research study: yoga.

Yoga has been practiced for hundreds of years both by men and women, and there are already several studies reporting health benefits from yoga. It is new, however, that yoga also supports sexual health.

A study in India on 65 men between the ages of 24 and 60, reported that doing yoga sessions improved sexual function. The participants reported improvements in satisfaction from intercourse, libido, sexual performance, confidence, sensations of orgasm, ejaculatory control, and erection.

It is thought that the main reasons for this are improved blood flow in the body as well as a reduction in stress.

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