He Has ED But It’s The Best Sex Ever!

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects millions of men, and not only men of age. It is increasingly common also among young men.
But having ED does not mean that you cannot have and enjoy sex. Sex can take on many forms, and many more than just penetrative sex.
Unfortunately, once hit by erectile dysfunction, many men stop having sex. Many men feel it is better to avoid the whole ‘sex-thing’ than having to deal with the pains and embarrassments of not being able to get it up.
This ‘hiding and avoiding’ of the problem can again cause confidence issues, mood swings, depression, etc.
But you know what? Many women are not all that keen on penetrative sex! Many women prefer that you stimulate their clitoris. Many women prefer oral sex. Many women love a G-spot massage with your fingers instead of penetrative sex. Some women would love for you to give them an anal / anus massage.
Both you and your partner have erogenous zones that can be incredibly fun to play with.
You see that penetrative sex is not necessarily the holy grail for a woman?
Imagine all the amazing sex and connections that could have been made if couples / partners / flings talked about these topics, if they were open and honest and expressed their faults and desires..
Often, the biggest problem with ED is lack of communication. Nobody is perfect. Your partner also probably have several faults and problems that she (or he) deals with. By being open and communicate, you can solve most, if not all, problems and issues you have.
So if you struggle with erectile dysfunction, why not be open and talk to your partner about it? I did. And it helped me tremendously.
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