exercise is beneficial for testosterone production

Thursday, December 3, 2020

6 Quick Ways To Boost Your Testosterone [And Your Sex-life]

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

You probably already knew this, but..

Testosterone is one of the most important ingredients you need in order to have a strong sex drive, and to function well sexually.

Testosterone is simply key for your sex life.

That is because testosterone is your primary male sex hormone, and its job is to control and support anything sexual that takes place in your body.

If you don’t produce enough of it, you will normally struggle with erectile dysfunction and a low libido.

There are certain actions you can take that will normally boost your testosterone production. And all have to do with your lifestyle.

quick ways to boost your testosterone and your sex life

The following are six of the most important actions you can take to increase your testosterone.

1) Exercise, be active and walk.

In fact, my recommendation is at least one hour a day if intense exercise, and at least one hour of walking. So two hours of exercise.

Exercise is great because it maintains your heart, your bloodflow and it keeps your body in shape. It cleans your blood vessels, restores the composition of your blood and rebalances your hormones.

2) Get enough vitamin D.


Because in order to produce testosterone, your testosterone factories need vitamin D. It’s one of the ingredients needed to manufacture testosterone.

You can get some if this vitamin from foods. But it’s very difficult to get adequate amounts in the long term from foods. Therefore, we should be provided the balance from the sun. Because sunshine enables your skin to manufacture vitamin D.

Alternatively, if you cannot get sunshine, you can take a vitamin D supplement. That said, I always prefer the natural to the synthetic way.

3) Eat healthy fats.

In order to produce testosterone, you also need certain fats. But you don’t want the poor type of fats, such as trans fat. You want the good fat you find in nuts and seeds. Or fish if you eat fish.

These fats are also ingredients that are needed to produce testosterone. Should you be deficient of these, your testosterone production will also be deficient.

4) Reduce your alcohol intake.

Alcohol is an enemy to your testosterone production, and particularly excessive drinking can hit your T levels big time. So if you care about your testosterone level, you may want to consider that alcohol free beer instead.

5) Get enough sleep.

Sleep is important for many functions in your body. It is also essential in order to restore and clean up your muscles, organs and brain after a day of intense use.

But it is also when you sleep that you produce testosterone. So if you get 5 hours of sleep instead of 7, you miss out on 2 hours of testosterone production time.

6) Stress down.

Stress can be the number one killer of your testosterone production. One key reason for this is that when you stress, you produce large amounts of the stress hormone cortisol.

Cortisol and testosterone are not best friends. They tend to crowd each other out. So when there is excess cortisol, that often means there is a dearth of testosterone.

So, should you be keen to improve your testosterone production, you would be wise to follow these 6 principles.

And should you want a more in-depth guide on how to increase your testosterone level naturally, you can read this guide.

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