Do You Struggle With Brain Fog? [Then ED Might Follow..]

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Do you find it hard to concentrate? Are your memories harder to recall? Sometimes the word you need just can’t be found? Are your thoughts not as sharp and quick as they used to be?

If so, you may struggle with what we call ‘brain fog’. 😧

Brain fog is when your memory is blurry and your mental focus is no longer sharp.

This is a terrible condition in itself. But as with many ailments, it often doesn’t come alone. It comes with more ailments.


Do You Struggle With Brain Fog? [Then ED Might Follow..]

Because everything is connected. And one underlying factor can cause several ailments.

(More about the underlying factors in a minute..)

And what are other ailments that often come with brain fog?

Erectile dysfunction and a low sex drive.

Clients of therapist Anna Marie Frank that complain about brain fog, very often also complain about erectile dysfunction and a tepid libido.

This makes sense.

Because getting an erection is a very delicate process consisting of a large number of interrelated steps. And if one of these steps is tampered with, the whole process may break down.

In fact, one of the first symptoms of a body that is out of equilibrium can often be erection trouble.

Which means, if you do struggle with ED, you may want to revise your health. Common problems are diabetes, prostate problems, cardiovascular diseases, etc. You may save yourself a lot of trouble later in life, by contacting your doctor and schedule a checkup today.

So back to the underlying factors:

What are the ‘things’ that typically cause both brain fog and ED?

These are the same old culprits as always..

A poor diet, lack of exercise, too much stress, not enough sleep, lack of sunshine, addictions, mental problems, etc.

The takeaway:

Be and live super healthy, and your chances of having a clear mind AND succeeding in the bedroom, will normally be significantly improved.

And if you are keen to learn how to overcome ED naturally and permanently, I suggest you read this guide. 👍

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