The Burden Of Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Erectile dysfunction comes with a heavy burden.

One thing is to not function properly sexually. But men who struggle with ED also pay a heavy price in other facets of life.

Let’s take a look at these:

A new research study analysed research already being done over the last 20 years, to understand the burdens of erectile dysfunction.

What did this research find?

The Burden Of Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

1) That men with erectile dysfunction report significantly lower life quality.

The researchers found that men with ED reported a lower physical, social, or emotional health and overall well-being, compared to men that did not suffer from ED. This makes total sense for two reasons. Firstly, men that are in physically bad shape, overweight or struggle with mental problems are more likely to struggle with ED. And secondly, when a man struggles with ED, this is a negative factor in a man’s life and will often cause negative thoughts and dissatisfaction.

2) ED negatively impacts the partner’s quality of life.

ED tends to adversely affect the partner’s sexual satisfaction, and therefore also the relationship to the partner. When couples have less sex, or no sex, part of the chemistry and bonding disappears. Also, when the sex stops up, a partner will often feel that she (or he) is not good enough, that she is not attractive enough, etc., which in turn can lead to further emotional pain.

3) Erectile dysfunction has a negative impact on work productivity.

Studies have shown that men with ED suffer from higher rates of absenteeism and work productivity loss, than men without ED. This may be linked with overall health, as men with ED tend to be in overall worse physical and mental health than men without ED. So in other words, it is likely that these health issues may also cause less productivity at work.

This is important:

A key issue with erectile dysfunction is that it is normally not a standalone problem. Men who suffer from ED normally also struggle with more health problems than just ED. Therefore, men with ED are also likely to carry a heavy burden in other aspects of life.

But there are good news 👍

By overcoming ED, men can also overcome many of these other health problems.

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