Can Alcohol Cause Erectile Dysfunction? [In More Ways Than One]

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

The answer is a clear yes.

But in fact, in the short term, it can potentially have a positive effect.

However, that is typically only in the short term.

The thing about alcohol is that it’s a toxin. And it’s not supposed to be in your body (at least not in significant amounts).

As a toxin, it causes damage. And it can cause erectile dysfunction.

Have you noticed that after a night of heavy drinking, it has been more difficult for you to get erections?

Many men have..

So how does alcohol cause erectile dysfunction?

There are several reasons, but here are some of the key ones:

Alcohol messes with the proper signaling in your brain. This can cause the normal signals that instruct blood to flow into your penis, to not be sent, or to be sent improperly. A possible result: A less firm erection (or no erection).

Alcohol can also cause your blood vessels to constrict. When it’s time for sex, you want your blood vessels to expand so they can send blood to your penis, not constrict. Hence, getting an erection can be difficult when your blood vessels constrict.

Also, drinking alcohol may weaken the heart muscle, causing a condition called alcoholic cardiomyopathy. With a weak heart, you will often have less bloodflow, which means that ED becomes more likely.

Substantial amounts of alcohol over time may also damage the inner lining of the blood vessels called the endothelium. When this gets damaged, it can’t produce as much nitric oxide as before. And with less nitric oxide, bloodflow to the penis will normally slow down.

And drinking alcohol will typically also reduce your testosterone levels. You want high testosterone levels to function optimally sexually. I have previously mentioned this here.

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