Can Back Pains Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Back Pains Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction
The body is a very complex system of may complex parts and processes that work together and influence each other.
Therefore, if one part of this system is out of balance, it will many times impact several other parts of the body.
One problem that can cause erectile dysfunction is back pains.
Back pains can be caused by problems with muscles in the back, by problems with nerves in the back, as well as by problems with discs. Back pains could be caused by one of these or more than one simultaneously.
Muscles that cause pain can stiffen up or be out of their regular shape. This can cause disruptions to bloodflow.
Nerves that are pinched or otherwise disturbed can cause changes in sensations and signalling.
Discs out of place can cause changes to bloodflow.
All of these can cause or contribute to erectile dysfunction.
In addition to this, when the body is in pain, it releases pain chemicals that can reduce testosterone levels and other elements critical for erectile functioning.
Lastly, when a body is in pain, its number one focus is normally to deal with this pain problem. That means other non-essential parts of a body often receive less attention, such as the immune system as well as the reproductive system.
Therefore, back pains can cause erectile dysfunction by several different pathways.
In a study of more than 11,000 men with back pains, 19% those men with the strongest pains also suffered from erectile dysfunction.
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