Can Mindfulness Improve ED And Make Sex Better?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Erectile Dysfunction
Mindfulness has been practiced for thousands of years. It has been practiced to get in tune with our bodies, to relax, enjoy the moment, become appreciative, overcome depression, and for many other reasons.
Can it also help overcome erectile dysfunction and improve our sex-lives?
In fact, it is already being applied for these purposes. As many men and women have problems sexually, therapists are using mindfulness techniques to help people relax, focus on the moment and let go of distractions.
And a TEDx talk about mindfulness and sex have gotten more than 170,000 views.
Mental problems, whether stress, depression or more severe mental disorders, all generally have in common that they take a person’s mind away from the moment and fills the mind with pre-occupations.
As a result, if mindfulness can make a person get in tune with the moment and pay attention to what is happening right now, as well as during sex of course, there is every reason to believe that this could in fact improve ED and make sex more enjoyable.
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