Can Sugar Cause ED And Reduce Your Libido?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell


There is no doubt that consuming excessive amounts of sugar can have several negative effects on your mind and body.

This article looks specifically at what excessive sugar consumption does to your brain.

1) It can lead to depression and large mood swings. Research has already demostrated that there is a large correlation between depression and erectile dysfunction, as well as between depression and a low libido.

2) It can cause diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Men with diabetes are significantly more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

3) It can make your memory decline and overall hurt your brain functions. The brain is your most important sexual organ, and anything that causes damage to your brain, may also damage your sexual functions.

4) It can lower your testosterone levels, which again will make it much more difficult to function sexually. With low testosterone, your sex drive normally declines, and your ability to get erections normally also decreases.

5) It makes you eat more and it can therefore make you gain weight. This can cause reduced bloodflow throughout your body as well as reduced testosterone levels, both of which can cause ED.

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