Can The Length Of Your Stride Predict Erectile Dysfunction?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

At first it does sound bizarre, no? That the length of your stride as you walk may indicate whether you will struggle with erectile dysfunction or not?

But researchers in Japan have looked into this. They studied 324 men and later had the study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

What did they find?

That men with shorter strides are 40% more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction that men with longer strides.

The researchers measured the length of each participant’s step and the height of their foot while walking.

Walking Is Good For Erectile Dysfunction

The smallest strides were measured as an average of 153cm, and the longest strides as an average of 166cm.

And based on this, the study found the 40% difference in ED.

But why? Why would there possibly be a difference in erectile dysfunction for these men?

The researchers believe it has to do with the pelvic muscle.

Meaning that if your stride is shorter, you stretch and exercise this muscle less than if you take a long stride.

And a strong pelvic muscle is essential in order to get and maintain erections.

So What can we learn from this study?

Firstly, exercise of the pelvic muscle is very smart if you want to avoid ED. You can efficiently exercise this muscle by doing Kegel exercises.

Secondly, exercise in general is beneficial for functioning well sexually, and running would certainly help you taking longer strides (than you would walking).

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