Can Tinder And Other Dating Apps Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

I didn’t believe this when I first read it.. Dating apps can cause men to suffer from erectile dysfunction?
But it actually makes sense. I’ll explain in 30 seconds. 
According to a study by Numan on 1,000 men, 69% of men that use dating apps reported some degree of ED. While only 19% of men who did not use dating apps reported some degree of ED.
Why such a discrepancy? And why would there be a correlation between dating apps and ED? Do dating apps cause ED? Or are men who already suffer from erectile dysfunction just more likely to use dating apps?
It turns out that key to this riddle is addiction. Or the fact that dating apps often are addictive. 
When you get matches at random intervals, dopamine is released in your brain and you feel good. You often feel validated. Appreciated. Liked.
But there is a flipside to this dopamine addiction. It can cause anxiety and depression.
Did you know that about half of Tinder users use the app in order to simply get a ‘confidence boost’? Not to actually go on a date..? 
People often use these applications to get a validation to feel better about their insecurities.
The problem is that dating apps only give a temporary fix. In the long run, dating apps can make you worse off.
Because the mix of addictive, unpredictable thrills and quick validation can send you down a negative spiral of guilt, anxiety, and depression.
Also, having “shallow” conversations and sexting can leave you feeling more depressed, more anxious, and more isolated than before you started. 
But because dating apps are addictive, you are likely to return to them. Which can make you even worse off.
And depression, anxiety, guilt and other psychological issues are very likely to trigger erectile dysfunction. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 20% of all ED cases are caused by a psychological problem.
The survey also reported that 79% of men who had experienced ED had also suffered from anxiety. 
Gentlemen: If you suffer from ED and you are a heavy user of dating apps, maybe you should reconsider? 😊
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