Does Smoking Cannabis Cause ED? [This Study Says Yes]

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

We already knew that smokers are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. I have previously written about it here, here and here.

So it would be no surprise if also smokers of pot (cannabis) would experience erectile dysfunction.

And what does science says?

According to a new research study on 3,395 men (1,035 smoking cannabis and 2,360 nonusers) that was published in the American Journal of Men’s Health, smoking cannabis does indeed have a negative impact on your ability to function sexually.

The study concluded that 69.1% of cannabis smokers versus 34.7% of nonusers reported ED, as measured on the International Index of Erectile Function-5 questionnaire.

The research also concluded that the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction, was about 4 times larger for smokers of cannabis compared to non-smokers.

How many people smoke cannabis worldwide?

It is estimated that about 2.5% of the worlds population do.

Why does smoking pot cause ED?

There are probably several answers, but one is that the smoke of cannabis contains thousands of chemicals, many of which are toxic for the human body.

Another suggestion is that cannabis smoking causes elements to bind to receptors both in the brain and in the penis, that causes bloodflow to the penis to be decreased.

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