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There Are Apps That Can Help Improve Your Sexlife
There are apps for just about anything.

Now there are also apps that can help you deal with sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and a low libido.

One app called Blueheart, takes you through an assessment, and then follows up with online and in-person therapy.

Another app called Lover, also first guides you through an assessment. Based on your answers, you will receive exercises..
What Factors Cause Your Testosterone To Fall?

Testosterone is the key to your sexual functions.

That is because testosterone is your primary male sex hormone. Its job is to regulate and support anything sexual that goes on inside you..

A Shocking Number Of Men In Their 20’s Take Viagra

An increasing number of young men resort to Viagra and other pharmaceutical drugs in order to ‘get it up’.

A recent survey of 5,000 young men, found that 18% of men aged 18-24 had problems getting erections..

Does The Corona Virus Squash Your Libido And Cause ED?

We already know, more men have died of the corona virus than women. And we know that many of the men who died of corona had low testosterone levels. 😳

I have previously written about this here.

Now a new study has shed further light on..

Are Vegetarians (And Vegans) Better Lovers?

We are what we eat.

What we put into our bodies creates who we become. Your muscles, cells, teeth and eyes have all been formed by the foods and drinks you have consumed.

So then the question is, what should we eat..

Awareness About Erectile Dysfunction Is Shockingly Low!

Among men and women aged 20-70 years, awareness of erectile dysfunction is shockingly low.

The European Association of Urology did a survey of 3,032 men and women in Spain, France, Germany, and the UK. This survey revealed..

Your Sex Drive Is Driven By Estrogen..? [Not Testosterone..?]

For the longest time, we have believed that testosterone is the key to our sex drive. And that estrogen was a negative.

This notion might just have to be scrapped..!

Because research has come out saying that it is estrogen that fires up your sex drive..

Are Testosterone Injections The Cure For Obesity?

First of all, I do not advocate testosterone injections.

I am all about taking a natural approach to health problems.

But I wanted to review this news article that just came out about the link between..

Using Your Phone At Night May Cause Sperm Decline

We have long suspected that the radiation from wifi, mobile phones and other devices may have a negative effect on sperm quality. As well as on testosterone levels.

However, we have now gotten a tiny piece of the puzzle..

BPA Exposure May Cause Erectile Dysfunction And Also Death

BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a chemical found practically everywhere. It may be in your water bottle. It may be in your plastic storage containers. It’s probably in the cash register receipt you take at the supermarket.

And in all likelihood, BPA is in your urine. CDC scientists found BPA in 93% of the urine..

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