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Erectile Dysfunction Is Linked With Relationship Status & Mental Health
Young men who are married or in relationships have significantly less erectile dysfunction than single men.

And young men with poor mental health have substantially more ED than men with good mental health.

These were the findings in a research study just published in the Journal of Urology.

The study analyzed 2,660 sexually active American men..
Does Prolactin Cause The Refractory Period? [Science Say No]

You have sex. You move towards the climax. It’s intense. It’s euphoria. You climax! Aaaaaaaaaaa…!!!


Immediately after you climax, you are..

A Therapist’s Warning About Porn And Erectile Dysfunction

Mindset coach and anxiety specialist, Paul Sheppard, has a dire warning about pornography consumption.

He explains how pornography can damage your brain. And hence your life. He explains that porn can rewire your brain to the..

Can Saffron Help You Overcome Erectile Dysfunction?

Did you know that saffron is the most expensive spice there is?

And that it is more expensive than gold, gram for gram?

That is because it is super labor intensive..

Why ‘Sexercise’ Is Good For You

What is sexercise?

Sexercise are physical exercises you do in order to improve your sexual abilities. Meaning: Becoming a better lover, improving your sex drive and avoiding erectile dysfunction.

Let’s first understand why (almost)..

Can COVID (Coronoa Virus) Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, the Corona virus (COVID) can cause or contribute to erectile dysfunction. And also a low sex drive.


First off, it is a respiratory disease that attacks the cardiovascular system..

6 Quick Ways To Boost Your Testosterone [And Your Sex-life]

You probably already knew this, but..

Testosterone is one of the most important ingredients you need in order to have a strong sex drive, and to function well sexually.

Testosterone is simply key for your sex life..

Can Fish Oil Boost Testosterone And Improve Erectile Dysfunction?

According to not only one study (but several), fish oil can indeed increase testosterone levels in men.

And with more testosterone, you will normally be less likely to struggle with erectile dysfunction and libido problems.

Does Your Diet Affect Your Bedroom Performance? [ED]

Does what you eat and drink impact your sexual abilities?

Can the wrong diet cause erectile dysfunction and a low sex drive?

The answer:


Propecia (Finasteride) Linked With Depression And Suicide

Do you take Propecia or Proscar (Finasteride)?

For those who are not familiar with these, they are drugs used to treat male pattern baldness (hair loss) and an enlarged prostate..