Contraceptive Pill For Men (Blocks Sperm Release)

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

A Contraceptive Pill For Men May Soon Be Available
Birth control for women has been around for several decades, but this has not yet been available for men.
This may however be about to change.
A contraceptive pill for men that “blocks sperm’ is in the final stages of development testing by Australian scientists.
The pill works by deactivating proteins that are responsible for transport of sperm, which causes the sperm to remain in the testicles instead of being released.
In addition to blocking sperm, the pill is also reported to increase libido.
If trials are successful, it is estimated that the pill could come to market in 5-10 years.
Although Truelibido does not encourage use of drugs or medications as a first-in-line treatment of ED or libido problems, we nonetheless think this is a very interesting development.
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