Sometimes Couples Stop Having Sex. Why? And Is It OK?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

On the first date, the connection between two people is often on fire.

It’s fairy tales, rainbows and unicorns all at once. 😄

And as the new relationship progresses, emotions and desires are often running sky high.

Sex is often priority number 1. It’s passion and desire. Sex is often a very important part of the connection.

But then..

A few years later, they may have stopped having sex all together.

Sometimes Couples Stop Having Sex

The sex started tapering off, and then it stopped completely.

This often happens. And if this is the case in your relationship, your situation is far from unique.

For these people, sex is simply not part of their lives anymore.

There are many reasons why this is so.

Here are common reasons why couples don’t have sex with each other:

  • Some people don’t want sex. It could be due to a particular upbringing, religion, belief system, etc. In fact, there are websites where people who seek non-sexual relationships can meet.
  • Other people are too busy to have sex. Or find it difficult to fit sex into their lives. This could happen when they have a baby, when work becomes super demanding or when for other reasons a couple is simply too exhausted to ‘get it on’.
  • After some time, it is also common that you lose sexual attraction to your partner. It’s just part of life sometimes. And when you lose your attraction, you often also stop having sex with your partner.
  • Poor health may also stop a couple from having sex. Sex becomes much more difficult if you get overweight for instance. Also, as health issues become more prevalent, your sex drive will often decline.
  • With age, a person may also become less comfortable with his or her body, which can make it less comfortable to be naked in bed with another person.
  • Another common problem is erectile dysfunction, When a man struggles with ED, it is often easier for him to avoid sex than to face the issue. Often, it can be too embarrassing or difficult for a man to open up about this. So instead of trying to find a solution to the problem, many men simply stop the sex.

Should your sex life be tepid because you struggle with ED, you can revise this guide on how to overcome ED naturally and permanently.

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