Can COVID (Coronoa Virus) Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Yes, the Corona virus (COVID) can cause or contribute to erectile dysfunction. And also a low sex drive. 😳


First off, it is a respiratory disease that attacks the cardiovascular system.

COVID-19 causes a state of hyperinflammation and immunosuppression resulting in a “cytokine storm”, which in turn affects the cardiovascular system globally.

This system (think bloodflow) is super important for getting erections, as in order to ‘get it up’, your penis needs to fill with blood. And if your bloodflow is off, you will be more likely to have problems with erections.

Covid 19 and erectile dysfunction

There are also reports demonstrating that the virus can cause testicular damage, and as such can interfere with your testosterone production. I have already written about this here.

Testosterone in turn acts as a modulator for endothelial function and suppresses inflammation. This suppression of testosterone levels might be one of the reasons for the large difference in terms of mortality and hospitalization rate between males and females.

This virus has also been found to cause inflammation and damage to the endothelium. The endothelium is where your nitric oxide is produced, and if this production falls, you will normally find it much more difficult to get erections.

This is because nitric oxide is that gas that opens up your blood vessels and enables the penis to be filled with blood.

COVID-19 may also cause heart damage, which can in turn impact overall bloodflow, and bloodflow to and inside the penis. Which again can make it difficult to get and keep erections.

In addition, the Corona virus can also cause psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, fear and so on. When people have to live in confinement, when human interaction is reduced, and when people are scared of losing income, friends and even their life, negative emotions normally increas.

This increase in negative emotions and mental imbalances can also cause erectile dysfunction.

And also with confinement normally comes less exercise and physical activity. Lots of people have as a result gained weight. This can also cause erectile dysfunction.

So this virus can cause ED in more than one way.

And it may be next to impossible to safeguard oneself from being exposed to COVID.

So if there is little one can do to avoid contracting it, the best one can do then is to be as best prepared as possible to handle it, should the virus enter the body.

And this can be achieved by living a super healthy life and to maintain a body and mind in balance with a strong immune system.

Hence, as a takeaway, I try to stay fit, eat well, sleep well, not stress, etc. so that I am ready when invaders come. 👍

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