Stress And Inactivity From COVID Have Increased Erectile Dysfunction

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

The corona virus (COVID 19) has caused a spike in health problems, including erectile dysfunction.

This is not news by the way: I have already written about this here, here, here and here.

But now doctors are also reporting that they see an increase in patients seeking treatment for ED.

And the doctors say that the two most common reasons for this are stress and lack of exercise.

Let’s explore this:

Stress And Inactivity From COVID Have Increased Erectile Dysfunction

Politicians have put in place many restrictions to try to slow the spread of the corona virus. This has included confinement, quarantines, isolation and stay-at-home measures.

Although this may have slowed the spread of the virus, it has also had many negative ‘side-effects’.

First and foremost, it has made most people less active than before. So people have done less exercise and have been more sedentary. This in turn has several negative health effects, such as gaining weight and less maintenance of the circulatory system.

This again, can cause erectile dysfunction.


Inactivity and gaining weight will often reduce your testosterone production, and slow blood circulation. Both are crucial factors to function sexually.

Being inside and exercising less can also increase stress levels. This can also cause ED.

How does stress cause ED?

Stress causes in increase in stress hormones, which will normally make it more difficult to get and maintain erections.

But stress is not only caused by being inside and exercising less. The pandemic situation has also, for many people, causes high levels of stress.

Many people are afraid of getting the virus, afraid of getting sick. Many people also fear losing loved ones due to the virus. Not only that, but many people have already lost loved ones.

On top of this, millions of people have lost their jobs, lost their businesses and their financial situations may have become a lot worse.

All of these factors cause stress. Which can again contribute to or cause erectile dysfunction.

As a result, doctors are seeing more and more people that want treatment for ED these days.

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