Did You Know You Need Vitamin D To ‘Get It Up’?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Yeah, you need vitamin D in order to get erections and to have a sex drive. This is because you need this vitamin for your testosterone production. Vitamin D is a building block of testosterone.

If you don’t have enough vitamin D, you can’t produce testosterone.

This is not news by the way, and I have previously written about it here, here and here.

However, this was just confirmed in a new study.

This study, which was published in Andrologia, examined the relationship between erectile dysfunction and vitamin D. It included 130 men with an average age of 50 years.

Did You Know You Need Vitamin D To 'Get It Up'?

What was the outcome of the research study?

It found that there is a positive correlation between vitamin D, testosterone, and erectile dysfunction.

In other words, men with little vitamin D are more likely to have little testosterone, and also to struggle more with erectile dysfunction.

Where do we get vitamin D?

We can get some from foods. But the majority of vitamin D should be provided by the sun.

The sun can transform cholesterol that sits in your skin, to vitamin D.

Did you know that a large percentage of the population on planet earth is deficient in vitamin D? It is largely because these people don’t get enough sunshine.

What is the takeaway?

If you want to increase your chances of functioning well sexually, you need to get enough vitamin D. Ideally, this should come from the sun, but if that is not possible, a supplement can help.

You find a vitamin D supplement here.

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