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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Do You Need Meat To Have High Testosterone? [Science Says No]

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Many people think you need to eat meat to be a real man. Lots of meat.

How would you otherwise get enough protein to build muscle?

And isn’t meat necessary in order to produce testosterone? 🤔

The truth is that meat is not necessary to be real man. In fact, meat can make you less of a man.

There are hundreds of studies that demonstrate that meat consumption is associated with health problems such as cardiovascular disease, kidney and liver diseases, cancers, etc.

do you need meat to produce testosterone

But without meat, how do you get enough protein?

Have you ever seen an elephant? An elephant can easily weight 5,000 kilos. 5,000 kilos of muscle and bones.

Elephants don’t eat meat. If an elephant weighing 5,000 kilos gets enough protein from plant foods, it should be possible for you and me too, no?


There is no need for meat in order to get enough protein.

Nor is there any need for meat to produce testosterone.

In fact, meat consumption can hurt your testosterone level. In addition, meat often contains hormones, antibiotics, and other pharmaceuticals that can have a direct negative impact on your testosterone.

Let’s look a recent research study:

A study examining 191 participants analyzed whether a plant based diet would lead to differences in testosterone levels, compared to a diet with less plants.

And what were the results?

The researches found no statistical difference between those on plant based diets, and those who eat a normal western diet.

What is the takeaway: You don’t need meat to increase your testosterone level.

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