10 Great Reason To Drink Less Alcohol [Better Sex-life Is One]

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

We all know that drinking comes with negative consequences. We know it’s not good for our health. Nor our brains.

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The problem with alcohol is that it is a toxin. It’s not supposed to be in your body. At least not in large quantities. And this toxin has many effects on your body.

It can make you feel good, let loose, and experience a different state of mind. It can improve your social life and hence have positive effects.

But it also has several negative ones. Here are 10 good reasons for why you might want to drink less alcohol:

1)  It will probably make you feel happier in the long run

10 reasons to drink less alcohol

2)  You will have more money in your pocket

3)  Your sex life is likely to improve.

Let’s expand on this point: Excess alcohol consumption is likely to damage your heart. This can in turn lead to reduced bloodflow, which again can make it more difficult to get erections.

Alcohol can also damage the inner lining of your blood vessels that produce nitric oxide. Hence your nitric oxide production can fall.

Also, when there is alcohol in your blood, your testicles normally produce less testosterone.

Also, alcohol impairs your ability to break down estrogen, the female sex hormone. So you are likely to have more estrogen than you should.

When you drink alcohol, you are also likely to produce more cortisol. This cortisol will often make your testosterone level go down further.

Alcohol will often reduce zinc amounts. You need zinc to produce testosterone, and therefore, your testosterone production may fall even further.

Lastly, drinking alcohol is also likely to make you gain weight. This has a number of negative effects on testosterone and bloodflow, which in turn can make your libido fall, and which can cause erectile dysfunction.

4)  You may make smarter and more interesting friends

5)  Your liver will be happy

6)  Your immune system is likely to be stronger

7)  There are several diseases linked to alcohol that you will be more likely to avoid

8)  Your brain is likely to operate better and be healthier

9)  You are likely to experience less stress and anxiety

10) Chance are you will also sleep better at night

If you didn’t have good reasons for drinking less before, hopefully you have now. 😊

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