ED Is More Common In Cities Than Other Areas. Why?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Pollution Erectile Dysfunction
A survey done by Pharmacyoutlet revealed that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction vary significantly across the UK, and that London tops the list.
In London, 40% of men have struggled or is currently struggling with ED, while the rates are substantially lower for other parts of the UK, such as Wales.
Why are rates of ED highest in London?
Well, we at Truelibido don’t know for sure, but we suspect the key reason for this has to do with lifestyle.
In a city like London, people work hard, stress a lot, often don’t sleep enough, don’t exercise much, don’t walk much, sit too much, eat takeout a lot, and have to deal with more pollution.
Or put differently, people that live in a large city normally live a life that is less natural. They often subject their bodies to activities that kick their bodies out of balance. As a result, the body will often react with dysfunctions, such as ED.
We also expect the findings of this survey to be true not just for London, but also for all other major cities worldwide.
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