ED Ups The Chance Of Heart Disease And Stroke

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

That there is a correlation between ED and heart disease and stroke is not news. We have already written about it here and here.

But we now have further evidence of this correlation from a new research study on the topic.

This study, which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reviewed 25 earlier studies involving 154,794 individuals.

What was the outcome of the study?

The study found that men who struggle with erectile dysfunction (particularly severe cases) have increased risk of coronary heart disease, total heart disease, stroke and all-cause mortality.

Man Woman Bed Erectile Dysfunction

Specifically, the research study found that men with erectile dysfunction had the following increased risks:

  • A 43% increased risk of heart disease
  • A 59% increased risk of coronary heart disease
  • A 34% increased risk of stroke
  • A 33% increased risk of all-cause mortality

What does this mean? And what is causing what? Is erectile dysfunction causing these problems, or are these problems causing ED?

The answer?

Neither one is causing the other. Normally, all these problems have the same causes.

What causes?

Normally, the reason for these problems is an unhealthy lifestyle. Which means either a poor diet, lack of exercise, too much stress, lack of sleep, little sunshine, mental imbalances, etc. – or a combination of these.

How to kill two birds with one stone (avoiding erectile dysfunction and other health problems)? A healthy lifestyle. To learn how and to get a free step-by-step course, please go here.

To read the full article, please go here.

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