A Peak At Erectile Dysfunction In Japan [+90% ED]

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Let’s take a peak at the state of erectile dysfunction among Japanese men. 🤔

I say peak, because the study we will look at only included 66 men.

A suburban family medicine clinic in Sapporo distributed a cross-sectional, self-administered mixed methods survey to 40 to 69-year-old men who came for routine scheduled visits.

These participants completed a confidential survey addressing erectile dysfunction.

What was the outcome?

Erectile Dysfunction In Japan
  • 39% (26 of 66) reported having sexual dysfunction
  • However 92% (61 of 66) met the ED criteria according to the index
  • 48% (16 of 33) had desire for treatment
  • Only 1 person had discussed sexual dysfunction with his physician / doctor
  • Of the men desiring treatment, 58% did not seek help due to shame, and 42% due to lack of awareness that ED could be treated

What are my takeaways from this survey?

First of all, that erectile dysfunction among these men was very high. 92% did suffer from ED according to the measures of the survey. Other surveys have also indicated that ED is very prevalent in Japan, but the numbers have been around the 30% mark.

Why is ED this common in Japan? One contributing factor could be vitamin D deficiency which is quite common in Japan. This is partly due to insufficient sun exposure.

A second interesting takeaway is that only 1 man had sought treatment for his ED.

Many men feel a large degree of shame about erectile dysfunction. For many men it is important to maintain an image of being a strong person, and ED is often seen as a weakness. In fact, very few men are comfortable discussing their ED with friends or partners. And many men are even ashamed to talk about this to their doctor.

And this seems to be even more common in Japan than in other countries, such as the UK, for instance.

Lastly, many men did not seek treatment due to lack of awareness that ED can in fact be overcome. It therefore appears that education and knowledge about sexual dysfunction is relatively low in Japan.


As mentioned initially, this survey only included 66 men, so we should be careful drawing firm conclusions from it.

But interesting data nonetheless.

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