Extreme Pornography Is Making Teen Boys Impotent

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Teenage Boys

Australian kids are watching violent and extreme pornography causing severe negative effects, including erectile dysfunction. And probably this is not just a case for Australian kids, but kids all over the world.

Most kids and teenagers have access to mobile phones, tablets and computers. Hence they also have access to the internet. And that means access to pornography.

What’s the problem?

Well, many teens spend a lot of time exploring pornography. And this porn is often aggressive, un-loving, violent, degrading to the woman, and more.

Therefore, porn affects how they see relationships, sex and intimacy before most of them have even had their first kiss or held someone’s hand. And many kids therefore get a distorted notion of what sex is.

In addition, many teenage boys get so accustomed to extreme pornography they they start suffering from erectile dysfunction.

And its not only teenagers that consume large amounts of porn, even kids down to primary school have reported spending hours watching pornography.

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