Fast Food Can Make Your Testosterone Drop

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

A yummy and juicy fast food burger can cause your testosterone level to fall off a cliff.

Well, if you are overweight that is. Not so much of you are lean.

A research study from Adelaide University, Flinders University and UniSA, found that eating a high-fat fast food meal caused a 25% decline in testosterone levels of overweight men, within an hour.

And that the testosterone levels stayed depressed for up to 4 hours.

The food used in this study was purchased at a mainstream fast food restaurant and contained 51 grams of fat.

How and why did the fast food cause this drop in testosterone? Was it the fat?

To test this, the researchers also injected the same amount of fat intravenously, to see what effect this had on testosterone levels.

There was no effect from this, hence the researchers believe that it is not the fat itself that causes the drop in testosterone, but rather the passage of the fat through the digestive system and the signaling it causes throughout the body.


Why is reduced testosterone a problem?

Well, testosterone is a super important hormone that you need for a variety of bodily functions such as hair growth, maintenance of bones, etc.

But testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, also regulates and controls everything sexual that goes on in you. So if you have too little testosterone, you will normally have a low sex drive. And you will also normally find it more difficult to get erections.

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