Can Foods Increase Your Sex Drive And Help You Overcome ED?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Chocolate Erectile Dysfunction

Do aphrodisiacs work? Can certain foods increase your libido and help you cure erectile dysfunction?

The answer is yes.

Think about it! There are thousands of different kinds of food out there, containing different kinds of nutrients.

Some of these nutrients will help you see better, some will make it easier for you to grow muscle. And needless to say, some will also have a positive impact on your sexual functions.

But which ones? And in what quantity?

Before we get there, I want to say that the key to functioning well sexually – in regards to foods – is to have an overall healthy diet. A diet that is consistently healthy day in and day out.

Then on top of this, there are certain foods that can give you an extra gear or two.

These foods can in some cases incraese your production of either dopamine, nitric oxide or testosterone. All of these are essential in having a strong libido and getting and maintaining erections.

Others provide nutrients that you may be lacking. Nutrients that are important for sexual functions.

This article from BBC disusses some of these foods.

To learn more about my experience with different foods, please go here.

To read the full article, please go here.

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