Hair Loss + Prostate Drug Maker Sued Over Erectile Dysfunction

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

erectile dysfunction
If you are taking hair loss drugs and also suffer from erectile dysfunction, this article is worth a read. The same goes if you take drugs to increase your prostate and you also suffer from ED.
Quebec’s (Canada) highest court has authorized a class-action lawsuit on behalf of men who took the drugs Propecia or Proscar, and then allegedly suffered various problems, including erectile dysfunction.
Propecia is designed to treat baldness. Proscar is designed to shrink an enlarged prostate.
Both these drugs contain an ingredient called finasteride.
The men taking the drugs claim they developed problems that lasted even after they stopped using them.
The problems included erectile dysfunction, lower libido levels, ejaculation issues, shrinkage of the genitals and difficulty in having an orgasm.
We will be awaiting the outcome of the lawsuit.
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