High Estradiol (Estrogen) Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

If your estradiol (estrogen) level is higher than it should, you are more likely to struggle with erectile dysfunction.

That is the outcome of a research study done on 1,076 men between the ages of 19–60 years.

The study was published in Nature, Scientific Reports.

The research found that men who struggled with erectile dysfunction, had significantly higher estradiol levels than men who did not struggle with erectile dysfunction.

Another finding was that the ratio of estradiol to testosterone was also significantly higher in men with erectile dysfunction.

Several regression models were performed to analyze the independent risk factors. Estradiol was considered as an independent risk factor for ED.

Excess estradiol can cause erectile dysfunction

Which begs the question: Why does excess estradiol cause ED?

One hypothesis is that the imbalance between estradiol and testosterone causes reduced production of nitric oxide. This will mean less bloodflow to the penis.

Another hypothesis is that estrogen may reduce the effect of testosterone through the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, which would make testosterone less effective at doing its job.

There is yet another important question regarding the finding of this study:

What causes excess levels of estradiol?

One key factor is overweight. Men that are overweight tend to have significantly higher levels of estradiol than men who are not overweight.

Other factors can be: Hormones found in meat and dairy, contaminated drinking water, chemicals found in personal care products, microplastic, heavy metals, stress, and side-effects from medications.

What is the takeaway from this study?

First of all that we should try to maintain normal levels of estrogen and testosterone. But also that in order to function well sexually, we should strive to live a life in balance, where we provide our minds and bodies with what they need, such as exercise, a good diet, little stress, etc.

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