How Does Sleep Affect Your Sex-life?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Relationship Between Sleep, ED And A Low Libido
1 in 3 Americans do not get enough sleep. If this is true for Americans, it is also probably true for many other people.
How are sleep and sex connected?
First of all, lack of sleep and erectile dysfunction / low libido can have the same causes, such as stress, a poor diet or psychological problems (and others).
Also, lack of sleep can cause ED / low libido, and ED / low libido can cause you to sleep less.
Your body produces testosterone when you sleep, therefore you need enough sleep in order to produce enough testosterone. If you get less sleep than optimal, your testosterone levels are likely to go down, and ED and libido problems are likely to show up.
Also, if you have less sex than your body needs, you may experience increased insomnia.
In addition, after you have sex, your body is often more receptive to sleep and you get better and longer sleep.
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