How Important Is Good Sex In A Relationship? Some Say 80%

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

I have asked several of my friends this exact question: How important is good sex in a relationship?

Does sex account for 20%? 50%? More?

Some of the people I have asked have told me 80%.

Others have said about 50%. These answers come from both guys and girls.

It’s striking to me how important sex really is. It’s something that really matter to us. 🤔

If the sex isn’t good, many people are no longer interested in continuing going out with the person.

Couple in bed strong sex drive

Harsh maybe, but it’s how it works..

That said, the group of people I asked were in their 20’s and 30’s. One would probably suspect that the importance of sex drops as we get older.

Another interesting fact:

As couples have been together for some time, the frequency of sex normally also goes down. And many people are in mature relationships that are essentially sex-less.

That is probably difficult if sex is still very important to you.

But there is indeed more than just sex to a healthy relationship.

Let’s take a quick look at other important aspects of a well-functioning relationship.

First comes good communication. This is normally the basis of any relationship. A good, healthy, free-flowing communication is normally stimulating for both parties, fosters enthusiasm and interest, and triggers many basic switches in us that are essential for a happy mental state.

Trust and loyalty are also important aspects. It is normally an amazing feeling and innate need in us, to care for and trust another person. We want to be there for and help this person. Reaching this stage with someone can be a very rewarding experience.

Acceptance is yet another level. For many, it can be difficult to get to ease with the ‘things’ about the other person that you don’t really like. But when you learn to accept, and get comfortable with this (and also realize you are not perfect yourself), this can be another very rewarding state.

Back to sex.. Sex is complicated. We often have very strong forces in us that drive us to have sex. Our testosterone can be boiling. Which then makes sex something very important to most men.

Therefore, to care for another person, to accept imperfections, to be patient, etc., can be difficult. Particularly when there are other opportunities for sex out there.

The sex drive we have been given can sometimes make life complicated. 😊

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