How Is The Lockdown Affecting Your Libido? [Up Or Down?]

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Large parts of the world is in lockdown. Lives are changed. Emotions are stirred up. This is a new situation.

How does this affect people’s sex drive? Or does it?

There are several reports online of men’s libido going off the wall.

And also reports of libido going out the window.

Men react differently to the new state of the world. But an interesting ‘thing’ is that many men have seen a change in their sex drive.

If you are living by yourself and do not get much exposure to females (or males), changes are you are getting increasingly horny. You are not alone. 😉

Couple in lockdown libido

Many men have admitted texting ex partners to try to rekindle an old flame.

And many men have signed up to dating apps to at least get some virtual exposure to potential partners.

Also, if you are living with a partner and you therefore spend a lot more time together at home, one of two often happens:

1) You end up having a lot more sex because.. well, it’s one of the activities you can do in these times, or

2) You see so much of the other person that you drive each other nuts.. and intimacy falls off the agenda

A crisis also often has profound effects on people’s emotions. Some people get stressed, worried and lose interest in sex.

While others get a boost in their sex drive and become unusually horny.

A little stress and anxiety can be good. But a lot can be damaging.

You know the concept of make-up sex?

For some people, a stressful situation like this turns sex into a form of make-up sex. People have more intense sex as a way to make things ok again.

These are indeed interesting times. Chance are you too have seen a change in your libido.

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