How Your Partner Feels When You Struggle With Erectile Dysfunction

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Struggling with erectile dysfunction is no fun. It can in fact be a very disruptive experience. But let’s look at the other side of this:

How does the woman (or partner) feel when we can’t ‘get it up’?

This experience can be just as difficult to handle. 🙄

And there are two important parts at play here: 1) The not ‘getting it up’ part, and 2) our change in behaviour as a result of not ‘getting it up’.

Let’s first address the not ‘getting it up’ part.

Opening up sexually to a man exposes a woman to a lot of potential vulnerabilities. Most women (like men) have insecurities and doubts about themselves.

How your partner feels when you struggle with erectile dysfunction

So when she is with you and you can’t get it up, she will often question herself. She might question whether she is attractive enough, a good enough lover, whether she did something wrong, etc.

In other words, if sex is not successful, she will often blame herself and try to find explanations on her part.

Therefore, erectile dysfunction can also be difficult for women (or your male partner).

But the second part may be even more difficult to handle.

And that is how we men often change our behaviour when erectile dysfunction sets in.

We are often embarrassed about not being able to perform in bed. We may then stop to be intimate and make excuses for not wanting to have sex. And our sex drive may as a result decrease.

How does that make your partner feel?

Not great..

She may start to think you are having an affair. She may think you are not attracted to her. She may feel ignored.

This may in turn cause additional, and potentially even worse, emotional agony for your partner.

It may in fact cause her serious emotional pain.

This is something worth keeping in mind for all of us who deal with ED.

From experience, I can say that being open about erectile dysfunction was super helpful to me.

But not only that, it was also great for her.

She really appreciated it. And as a result, we bonded even more than we had before.

If you are with a mature and understanding partner, chances are she will also appreciate if you open up.

What is the takeaway:

If you deal with ED, it may be a good ‘thing’ to not forget about your partner. 😊

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