Is ED Common In Young Men?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

We often think of erectile dysfunction as something that affects men of age. But does it also affect young men?

The asnswer is yes. In fact, ED is quite common in younger men and it is seemingly becoming more and more common in the younger generations.

Several research studies have found that approximately 5-10% of men aged 20-29, and 10-30% of men aged 30-39 are affected by erectile dysfunction. 

And that of all men who struggle with ED, 25-30% are often below the age of 40.

Why do so many young men have erectile dysfunction? 

Research has shown that many young men who struggle with erectile dysfunction, are also often depressed, suffer from anxiety and stress. In addition, studies have found a high correlation between smoking / drug abuse and erectile dysfunction in young men. And also young men who have ED often tend to have a less healthy diet and lifestyle in general.

Lastly, a large number of young men struggle with what is called porn-induced erectile dysfuntion. This is a condition where ED is brought on by an excessive consumption of pornography and masturbation.

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