Lack Of Sex Is Bad For Your Health

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

It is normal to have less sex as we get older.

We may have been with the same partner for many years and the spark may have gone. Or we just have less interest in sex overall.

But research indicates that it may be a good idea to keep up the sexual activities. Because sex has a number of positive health benefits on your body and mind.

A research study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour of more than 5,700 persons above the age of 50, found some interesting observations.

The study found that men who have a low sex drive are 63% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer, and 41% more likely to develop a long-standing illness.

Also, the rate of cancer in men with lower sex drive was 6.7%, while this was only 4.3% among those men whose libido had not decreased.

And men who said they were having less sex now than a year ago also had a 69% greater chance of having some form of a long-term illness.

The thing missing from the study was evidence regarding whether lack of sex is causing problems, or if the problems themselves are causing men to have less sex.

In any event, safe and sound sex has been proven to be healthy on so many levels: For hormonal balance, for reducing stress, for fostering intimacy, and for exercise, among some reasons. And therefore, sex is something we probably should keep practicing for as long as we can.

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