Marijuana, Sex, Erectile Dysfunction, Libido And Testosterone

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

How Marijuana Impacts Sex, Erectile Dysfunction, Libido And Testosterone
Marijuana is a drug which is loved by many. But it is also responsible for tragedies.
Similarly to cigarette smoke, the smoke from marijuana contains thousands of chemicals, many of which are very harmful to your body.
For instance ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, tetrahydrocannabinols, heavy metals and tar – all normally found in marijuana, are likely to have negative effects on you.
However, how does marijuana affect sex, erectile dysfunction, libido and testosterone?
Many people have reported increased sexual pleasure, stronger orgasms and a stronger sex drive while high on marijuana. People that smoke marijuana often also report to be more sexually active.
However, these effects are normally short-term effects, and are often cancelled in the long-term due to marijuana’s damaging long-term effects.
On the flip side, many marijuana smokers experience erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is reported to be 3 times more common among marijuana smokers than non-marijuana-smokers.
Research has also shown that marijuana lowers testosterone production and overall testosterone levels. Related to this, it has also shown to decrease quality and number of sperm.
With lower testosterone in the long term, sex drive is likely to be reduced, and this lower testosterone is also likely to contribute to erectile dysfunction.
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