Does Masturbation Reduce Testosterone Levels?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Does masturbation effect your testosterone level? Meaning, if you masturbate a lot, is this likely to cause your testosterone levels to decline?
And if you abstain from masturbation, are your testosterone levels more likely to increase? 
As with many ‘things’ in life, as long as you do them in moderation, you will probably be ok.
The problem begins when done excessively. For instance, if you masturbate excessively, you will likely see negative consequences.
And we need to be clear about one important point: Masturbation by itself is not necessarily super damaging to testosterone levels. It is when you masturbate to the point of having an ejaculatory orgasm the real impact on testosterone starts to happen. 
One research study has shown that testosterone levels tend to peak in men 7 days after the last ejaculatory orgasm.
Another research study looked at testosterone levels in men before and after a 3 week abstinence period. The study reported that testosterone levels were higher after the 3 weeks of abstinence than before the 3-week period.
Research in rats have also shown decreased activity in androgen receptor activity in the brain after excessive ejaculatory orgasm.
So if you are keen to maintain your testosterone levels, you may want to consider limiting the frequency of your ejaculatory orgasm. I limit mine to once every 4-6 weeks.
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