Men Who Survived Cancer As Kids More Likely To Have ED

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

young boy
Men who have been treated for childhood cancers have a 2.6 times higher chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction as men, a study shows.
The study examined 1,662 male cancer survivors and 271 eligible unaffected male siblings, and was published in in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.
Specifically, the study reported that 12.3% of the childhood cancer survivors suffered from erectile dysfunction later in life, compared with 4.2% of unaffected siblings.
The men that were particularly affected were those with a history of cancer treatments that included high-dose radiation and/or surgery to the testicles, spinal nerve, prostate, or pelvis.
The reason for ED later in life may likely be because treatment for many childhood cancers can result in low testosterone levels; testicular failure; and pituitary changes that impact sexual development, hormone levels, and libido, as well as psychiatric issues that can affect sexual functioning.
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