More Testosterone = Longer Life?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell


Can higher levels of the primary male sex hormone testosterone lead to longer life? Can testosterone slow down aging?

A new research study carried out by scientists at The University of Western Australia have found an interesting link:

Higher levels of the sex hormones estradiol – which is manufactured from testosterone – is correlated with slower aging.

The study found that higher levels of estradiol was associated with longer telomeres.

Telomeres are proteins that protect the end of our chromosomes from damage or fusion with other chromosomes. In other words, the more telomeres, the more protection of our DNA. And the longer we live.

The research study was done on 2,913 men in Perth aged between 70 and 89 years.

The research indicates that higher testosterone levels in men, which is then converted to estradiol, might lead you to live longer.

Guys, in addition to keeping a healthy level of testosterone for our sex drive, we just got another very good reason for maintaining our testosterone: A longer life!

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