Does Sunbathing Naked Increase Libido?

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

A female Instagram influencer just shared posts about her sunbathing naked and how it increases her energy levels, sex drive and how it makes her sleep better.

A woman naked is always going to get someone’s attention, so maybe it’s just a cheap attempt to get followers..


There is plenty of scientific evidence stating that sunshine is paramount for having a strong sex drive and for functioning sexually.

And I have earlier written about sunshine here and here.

Body in balance to overcome ED

Sunshine is a life-giving force, and all life on planet earth directly or indirectly depends on it.

So do you and I. We need sunshine to function optimally.

It has been demonstrated that sunshine increases our mood, keeps us healthy, helps us overcome illnesses, can help cure certain cancers, etc.

And when it comes to sexual functioning, there is one aspect of sunshine that is critically important:

UVB sunrays enable your skin to produce vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is in turn a building block of testosterone.

And you need good levels of testosterone to have a strong sex drive and to function well sexually.

Because testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that supports and controls everything sexual going on in your body.

In other words: No sun = inadequate vitamin D3 = low testosterone production = low sex drive & weak sexual function.

But not only is sun important for testosterone production. Research has also shown that sunshine directly on the genital area and on the testicles increase testosterone production even further!

What is the takeaway: Sunshine is important! In fact, we should try to get about 20 minutes every day (on average) on large parts of our bodies.

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