What I Learned From One Year With No Sex [Life Lessons]

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Many men (and women) bounce around from one partner to the next, almost constantly chasing the next thrill, next conquest.

This life tends to be filled with severe ups and downs. Amazing victories, but also catastrophic failures.

For James Innes-Smith, having a number of sexual partners became joyless, and left him with a permanent headache.

Here’s the deal:

The world we live in is super ‘sexualized’. And we are ‘encouraged’ by what we see and hear to seek sex.

Think about it..

Almost every song you hear is about sex. There is hardly a movie without a sex scene. Think about the commercials you see on TV. Many play on sex.

Sex sells, and this is the world we live in. And for many, seeking new sexual thrills on an almost constant basis has become the norm.

Many people seek validation through sex, and for some, this can become addictive.

So after a number of sexual encounters, James Innes-Smith decided to go one full year with no sex.

What did he learn? And what can we learn from his experiment?

First off, he became aware of the wave of sexual imagery that bombards the mind on a daily basis.

Learning to blank out the thoughts and stress that can come with this, made him more clear-headed.

Then he realized how much time he had wasted, obsessing about sex. Now he could focus on other things in life.

Perhaps even more important, when spending time with people, he enjoyed spending time with them instead of thinking how he could get them naked.

And he learned that he had allowed himself to be seduced by shallow connections, when all he really wanted was true intimacy.

After his year off sex, he met someone that he connected deeply with, and with whom he found something deeper.

The takeaway? Seeking new partners can be fun, but it probably does not lead to happiness.

Also, the same society that makes us want to seek new sexual partners also cause erectile dysfunction. Because it overexposes us to sexual stimulation.

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