Performance Anxiety And Erectile Dysfunction

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

All men will at some point struggle to get an erection. This is totally normal as the body does not always work. It’s similar to how we get sick from time to time and lose our sense of taste or smell. The body does not work optimally 100% of the time.
However, our society and our culture put a lot of emphasis on sex. We watch sex in almost every movie we see, every TV show, hear about it in almost every song on the radio, and advertisements we see are often sexualized – in other words – sex is almost everywhere around us.
As a result, many men are led to believe that we are supposed to be sexual machines, being able to have sex whenever, wherever and almost on a daily basis.
But this is probably not natural. Our brains were probably not designed for this amount of sexual exposure and expectation.
And to a large extent due to this pressure, many men struggle with sexual performance anxiety.
Many men feel that they are expected to perform sexually anytime, but then fear they will not be able to get it up or lose the erection while having sex.
And particularly if a man has not been able to perform sexually once or a few times, he is normally much more likely to fear that it will happen again.
This can cause a vicious cycle where fear about erectile dysfunction – sexual performance anxiety – causes erectile dysfunction. So even if the man did not have ED in the first place, this sexual fear can then cause ED.
The key to getting out of performance anxiety is often to improve sexual desire and performance. When this comes back, anxiety often goes away. Speaking for myself, the first step to cut this cycle and get sexual functions back for me, was to stop anything sexual.
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