A Therapist’s Warning About Porn And Erectile Dysfunction

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Mindset coach and anxiety specialist, Paul Sheppard, has a dire warning about pornography consumption.

He explains how pornography can damage your brain. And hence your life. He explains that porn can rewire your brain to the point where you actually prefer porn to a live and real human being. 😳

Not only that:

Too much porn can also cause erectile dysfunction, a drop in sex drive, a negative body image – and – a distorted view of women (or men) and sex as a whole.

Btw, this is not news, I have already written about it here, herehereherehere, and here. 🤓🤓

A Therapist’s Warning About Porn And Erectile Dysfunction

Paul goes on to explain that porn is very addictive because it is a super stimulant. It has this effect because it can boost your dopamine production to extreme (and totally unnatural) levels.

When porn becomes addictive, you tend to keep consuming porn despite negative effects in your daily life. You may pay less attention to friends, family, spend less time doing thing that formerly interested you, and instead seek the gratification that porn provides.

Paul says that the way to fix this, is to simply abstain completely from porn for some time + find joy in healthy activities.

I agree with Paul’s findings, and I also wanted to add that there are 4 main ‘problems’ with pornography:

1) It is accessible anywhere and anytime. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer and a connection. And most people have access to this at any given time.

2) The video and sound quality has become so high that the lines between reality and virtual reality has become blurred. In other words, porn is with each passing day becoming a more and more ‘real’ substitute for sex.

3) Porn satisfies a man’s desire for novel sexual experiences. With porn, you can have ‘sex’ with a countless number of new partners. You can have a threesome, a tensome, a babysitter, a granny – there are no limits.

4) And lastly, porn gives the viewer ultimate control. You can choose exactly what you want, what positions you want, what partner, what situation, etc. You can even pause the action, have a cup of coffee and come back. Your sexual partner is still waiting for you to fulfill your virtual desires.

And this our brains cannot handle. So when you watch too much porn and also masturbate, your brain gets flooded with dopamine. And after some time, your brains often goes numb.

When this happens, it will for most people (even very young men) be next to impossible to get and maintain an erection while with a real woman (or man).

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