Psychological Counselling Can Help Men Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

By Johnathan P Cumberwell

Psychological Counselling Can Help Cure ED
Although erectile dysfunction is often caused by factors such as being overweight, smoking, low testosterone or a poor diet, it can also be caused by psychological factors.
We human beings are complex systems, and to have a healthy body, mind and emotions are normally essential in order to function well sexually.
However, main obstacle with problems in the mind is that they are hard to identify and measure. One can’t take a blood test and get answers about whether a person suffers from psychological problems. Therefore these problems are often overlooked.
It is estimated that for as many as 20% of all men suffering from ED, psychological factors are the underlying cause.
Counselling and conversations with professionals can enable men to overcome their psychological problems, and can therefore also help these men overcome erectile dysfunction.
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